Additional Information

Admission Agreement to Enter to Retrieve Game

The UTRCA provides an Enter to Retrieve Game (ETR) permit, free of charge, to persons who hunt adjacent to UTRCA properties and may have injured deer cross onto conservation land. This permit allows a hunter access to UTRCA lands specified on the agreement to retrieve their game. Please carry your ETR with you should you enter onto UTRCA property and be prepared to show it to an officer upon request. Please note that carrying a firearm or archery equipment onto UTRCA property may result in a fine. 

All Terrain Vehicles

All-terrain and off-road vehicles are prohibited from all UTRCA property, including those open for hunting. The UTRCA owns many important natural areas that are home to thousands of species of plants, animals, fish, birds and other wildlife. Many of these species are rare and endangered. It is important that we protect these areas from damage that can be caused by all-terrain and other off-road vehicles. These machines damage forest floors and wetlands, threatening the health of the ecosystem and its inhabitants. 

Anyone found using an all-terrain or similar vehicle on UTRCA property is trespassing and is liable to charges under the Conservation Authorities Act and the Trespass to Property Act ($2,000 plus the cost of restoring the damaged area).