Registering to Hunt at Ellice Swamp and Gads Hill Swamp

Before you Start

Before you start your on-line application, have the following required information in front of you:

  1. Valid Ministry of Natural Resources Outdoors Card number and expiry date.
  2. Possession Acquisition License (PAL) number and expiry date (if applicable).
  3. Liability insurance related to hunting that will cover you while hunting on Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) property (policy number and expiry date). 
  4. Description and license plate(s) of the vehicle(s) you plan to use during your hunting activity.
  5. If you are an apprentice hunter, you must provide the full name of your mentor and their Outdoors Card number and expiry date.

NOTE: Your permit card will not be processed if any information is missing or invalid. If you have any questions, please contact the UTRCA.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before beginning the registration process:

Payment Options

You must either be a member of the Friends of Ellice and Gads Hill Swamp for $10/year or pay the UTRCA Hunting Fee of $75/year. Please choose ONE of the following two options:

  • Click Here to become a member of the Friends of Ellice & Gads Hill Swamps.

  • UTRCA Hunting Fee - Click on PayPal below or call the UTRCA at 519-451-2800 ext 280 to provide Visa or MasterCard, or to make arrangements to pay cash or debit, and pick up your permit in person.

Note: Permit Expiry

  • - Registration to hunt in Ellice Swamp and/or Gads Hill can be completed online throughout the year.
  • - Enter to Hunt permits obtained from the UTRCA using your Friends of Ellice and Gads Hill Swamps membership number expire on June 30, as the Friends membership runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.
  • - Enter to Hunt permits obtained from the UTRCA by making payment directly to the UTRCA in person, by phone or on-line through PayPal (proof using a transaction number) expire on December 31, as the UTRCA hunting program runs from January 1 to December 31.
  • - Applicants who wish to hunt in the early January (new) hunting season are to make their request in the comments section of their on-line application in early to mid December of the year prior.


Online Application Forms

Printable Application Forms (pdf files including Terms & Conditions)

Note: Enter to Hunt Permits

All hunters must complete a UTRCA Enter to Hunt Application Form in order to receive an Enter to Hunt Permit. Permits will be mailed once the application has been processed. Arrangements can also be made to pick up the permit in person by contacting Jason Belfry at (519) 451-2800 ext. 280, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, 1424 Clarke Road, London.


The successful applicant will receive the following by mail:

a) Permit Wallet Card

This card is your permit to enter to hunt. The card provides the Permit Holder’s name, permit number, the location to which access is granted, the firearm permitted to be discharged by the Permit Holder, the vehicle license plate number(s), and the Permit Card issue date and expiry date.

b) Vehicle Identifier Card

This card identifies you to UTRCA officers as having permission to enter the specified UTRCA land to hunt. The Vehicle Identification Card is to be placed in the dash of the vehicle, and displays the Permit Card number and expiry date.

c) Tree Stand / Blind Identifier Tag

The numbered identifier tag is to be attached securely to your portable tree stand or blind and will identify permitted hunting equipment to UTRCA officers. Each permitted hunter will receive one (1) Tree Stand / Blind Identifier Tag and, with good reasoning, may be provided with an additional Tree Stand / Blind Identifier Tag (total of 2 Identifier Tags for each hunter).


Hunting Maps 

Review and print an aerial photo of Ellice Swamp and or Gads Hill Swamp to ensure that you know the UTRCA's property boundary lines.  It is important that you understand and know when hunting is permitted in Ellice Swamp and or Gads Hill Swamp; review the 'Ellice & Gads Hill Swamps User Guide' on this page.